This article has spoilers for the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." If you are curious about the evolution of the Ultra Instinct then keep reading. The month of January will be epic for "Dragon Ball" fans as it will show the end of the Tournament of Power with the battle between universes 7 and 11. The opening will be done with Vegeta facing Jiren in Episode 122, which will be shown on January 6. Unfortunately, Vegeta cannot defeat Jiren alone and in Episode 123 Goku comes into action. [VIDEO] A report by ComicBook presents a number of "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers that will be addressed in this article.

Ultra Instinct

According to the spoilers for Episode 123, a character will transform with the Ultra Instinct. The description of the synopsis informs that Vegeta will be seriously injured in his fight against Jiren.


Frieza will be battling Dyspo, while Gohan and Android 17 go against Toppo. Therefore, the most likely scenario is that Goku is transformed with the Ultra Instinct. But this time, the transformation will be complete, and he will have mastery of body and spirit. The new evolution of the divine gift would be the super Saiyan Blue along with the Ultra Instinct. It is being called the Ultra Instinct blue evolution.

Vegeta joins Goku

The spoiler of Episode 123 also reveals that Goku will unite with Vegeta, but that does not mean that they will make a fusion. Of course, nothing is impossible, but this has not been confirmed. The only certainty is that the two will fight together against Jiren. Fans will have to consider that Vegeta will be injured, so it is possible that at first, Goku will face the strongest alone. [VIDEO]

Gohan and Android 17 vs Toppo

It´s possible that Android 17 will be eliminated during the battle against Toppo.


Thus, Gohan will again be highlighted in the next episode. But, he will have to deal with a surprise: Toppo's rise. He will be promoted to a God Of Destruction and it is not known to what extent this will make things difficult. Some are saying he will be stronger than Jiren. With this novelty, there will be an extension of the tournament, because until now there is no information about the elimination of any warrior from Universe 11.

Frieza vs Dyspo

Some are saying that one of the two (Freiza or Dypso) will be eliminated, but so far this has not been confirmed. Dyspo is not a weak opponent and Frieza will have to deal with him alone since the others will be very busy. Some believe that with the elimination of Dyspo, Frieza can help in the battle against the new God of Destruction, because Gohan will be alone after Android 17 is eliminated. Now everyone is waiting for the next episodes to confirm the spoilers.