The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is getting more exciting as it approaches its final phase. Just recently, a new set of photos for its upcoming episode has been leaked online by one of the creators behind the successful anime series. The images reveal many interesting details about the next episode as well as the upcoming episodes in the series. While earlier spoilers already hinted at the elimination of another universe, the latest images illustrate the reason behind the elimination and total annihilation of Universe 3. The succeeding paragraphs contain massive spoilers and you may proceed at your own risk.

Latest leaked images

On his official Twitter account, “Dragon Ball Super” writer and director Toshio Yoshitaka shared several images of the upcoming episode of the popular anime series.

The first image shows Son Goku in one of his powerful forms. His face depicts rage and his left fist is clenched, which could mean he is in a tough fight. He is in his Super Saiyan God form with his pink hair and eyes as shown in the picture.

The second image shows Android 17 in action. The android with limitless stamina and the twin brother of Android 18 is illustrated with a green aura coming from his right hand. His face appears to be full of rage with his background bathed in crimson [VIDEO]. With the leaked images of Son Goku and Android 17, any fan can tell that something terrible is happening for both fighters to show such facial expression. It is possible that another fighter from universe 7 was eliminated for them to have this kind of reaction.

Aside from Son Goku and Android 17, another image leaked by Toshio reveals the trump card of Universe 3.In a desperate attempt to protect their universe from total destruction, Paparoni, the last fighter in the arena, unleashed their trump card in the form of Aniraza.

How this Gigantic fighter came into being is still unknown. However, earlier spoilers hinted that it could be a product of one of Paparoni’s successful experiment [VIDEO] where he transforms himself into a different being.

Other details

As shown in the leaked image, Aniraza is also in a rage and appears to be ready to destroy his opponents. His entire body is cloaked in a purple aura. He looks strong and powerful and as hinted by son Goku, the fighter from Universe 3 has the capability of destroying the arena at the Tournament of Power.

Episode 121 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on December 24. It will feature the fight between the remaining warriors of Universe 7 and universe 3.