Dragon Ball Super” aired its 120th episode a few days ago. It showed how the teamwork of Son Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan beat the powerful union of Koitsuka, Panchia, and Boraretta. The episode also showcased Gohan’s power and determination to protect Universe 7 from getting erased. With only ten minutes remaining before the Tournament of Power finally ends, stronger opponents from the remaining universes are expected to take center stage. This includes a new character that will be shown in Episode 121.

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Spoilers have speculated that the new character is the trump card of Universe 3.

Frieza vs. Aniraza

Before Episode 120 of “Dragon Ball Super” officially aired last Sunday, lots of information about Episode 121 was leaked online.

This included details about a new opponent that will prevent Universe 7 fighters from winning the Tournament of Power. In the most recent episode, fans witnessed how Gohan eliminated the Megazord [VIDEO] from Universe 3, leaving the universe a single fighter in the arena. Out of sheer desperation to protect his universe from total annihilation, the brain behind the robot fighters, Paparoni revealed that he is going to show their trump card.

This trump card is a new character named Aniraza. As to how this character will come into being is still unknown. However, several theories claim that the fighter from Universe 3 is Paparoni who will transform himself into Aniraza. There are also theories claiming that Aniraza will be fought in the upcoming episode by no less than the supervillain from hell-Frieza.

New theory

One of the theories making rounds online today claims that the powerful Aniraza will go head-to-head with Frieza. According to anime blogger Wamiq Fida, Aniraza is so extremely powerful that even Super Saiyan Blue Goku [VIDEO] was no match for him. He believes that because of this, Frieza will intervene and fight the new opponent. The blogger also claims that Frieza will be fighting Universe 3’s trump card in his golden form.

It is possible that Frieza is protecting Son Goku and does not want him to waste his energy on other opponents. It was revealed in the earlier episodes that the supervillain from hell knows that he is no match against Jiren the Gray of Universe 11. All this time, his kindness shown to the fan-favorite Saiyan cloaked his intention of being the MVP and obtaining the same power as the gods of destruction.

Episode 121 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on December 24. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Son Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta against Universe 3’s Paparoni.