"Dragon Ball Super" will soon have only two teams left to fight. As of now, it has three Universe left to fight including Universe 7, 3 and 11 In terms of fighters; there are total sixty-six warriors are eliminated yet. Notably, The tournament of Power has reached its final stage. Vegeta is one of the most powerful warriors in the tournament and also helped Universe 7 in their journey so far in the Tournament of Power. There are some shocking revelations regarding the fighter floated on social media.


What to expect?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 121 is scheduled to air in January. It is named as "All-out war! The ultimate 4-way combination vs. Universe 7's total offensive." In this episode, Universe 3 will battle against Universe 7. Paparoni will lead the former. If reports are to be believed, in this fight Universe 3 show their ultimate weapon against Goku and his team. The four warriors of U3 will combine into one and will make the mighty Aniraza. The preview of the upcoming episode is already out.

It suggests that U7 will face trouble fighting against Aniraza. It is worth noting that U4's Frieza will support Goku's team. Also, Vegeta will play a major role in episode 121 and expected to unveil his new powers.

The rumors ultimately indicate that Universe 7 will eliminate Universe 3. If this turns out to be true, viewers will witness Vegeta's team will rival Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power. As things stand, U11 is dubbed as the most powerful team remain in the tournament. Currently, U7 has Gohan, Goku, Vegeta Android 17 and Android 18. The team will completely be in Offensive mode. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Android 18 will eliminate in the next episode.


Vegeta is full of Surprise

Episode 122 is scheduled to air on January 7 and titled as "#All Out War! The Ultimate 4-Way Union vs. #The Entire Universe 7" This is the episode where Jiren and Vegeta will collide. It is probably one of the most important episodes for the fans because it will decide the fate of Tournament of Power. The recently surfaced theories say that Vegeta is preparing for something big for the fight. Show's writer Toshio Yoshitaka added fuel to the theories with a tweet. "I finished writing a cool Vegeta," he posted.

"Dragon Ball Super" The episode 120 ("The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassins!!") went air recently. In this episode, the battle between U7 and U3 has been started. Goku's team battle well and eliminated Viara with the help of Android 17 and Android 18.