"Dragon Ball Super" is now entering the final stages of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. Soon, fans will see universe 7 and Universe 11 fighting each other. So far, we haven't received any great news for Universe 7. It indicates that the Goku's team might need a miracle to beat the mighty Universe 11. Notably, U7 has more warriors than U11. Universe 7 has been rampant so far in the Tournament of Power. In the past episode, they eliminated Universe 3 and fought against the Aniraza, the fusion of four warriors.

This time, they are up against a Universe, which has fighters like Jiren and Toppo.

Vegeta fighting Jiren

First of all, let's talk about Vegeta. In the upcoming episode, the warrior will go head-to-head with Jiren, the strongest warrior in the Tournament.


The preview of episode 122 also shows Vegeta fighting Universe 11's warrior. According to ComicBook, the latest synopses for the show went live in Japan via Animedia. The synopses say that Vegeta will suffer heavily against the most powerful warrior. “Vegeta puts forth his full power to battle Universe 11's Jiren, but utterly fails to defeat him,” the magazine reveals. So, does this mean the Saiyan will be eliminated in the next episode?

Well, probably not in episode 122 but the synopsis of episode 124 [VIDEO] suggest that Vegeta is still around. Overall, Jiren is much more powerful than Vegeta and in the end, Universe 7's warrior might end up getting eliminated. Notably, the Saiyan is expected to unlock his Ultra Instinct but it might not be enough to knock out his opponent.

Android 17's trouble

Now it comes to Android 17 of Universe 7.


The fighter is expected to be in spectator mode in episode 122. 17 might be seen helping Gohan during the fight against Toppo but nothing significant is expected from him. Android 17's fate will be decided in episode 123 according to the synopsis. 17 will fight Toppo in this episode, presumably using his Android Barrier technique to limit Toppo's movement as he is super-fast. But, it will come with a drawback and it will leave the warrior trapped inside the barrier with Toppo, and after Gohan hesitates to finish the job, Universe 11's warrior will break the barrier and might also end up breaking 17, as well.

Later, in episode 125 Toppo will show his full power while fighting Gohan. The final battle of Universe 11 and Universe 7 might feature Jiren and Goku. Even though U7's leader will unlock his fully powered Ultra Instinct, it will be difficult for him to challenge Jiren, as he will get more powerful as more he fights.