Universe 11 is known for its powerful warriors. The team has fighters like Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo. The strongest among them is arguably Jiren. In the upcoming episodes, fans will witness Jiren fighting Vegeta and Goku, But there is another warrior, who is all set to come out powerful than ever. We are talking about Toppo, the leader of Pride Trooper.

Toppo's powerful return

Toppo is rumored to make a shocking godly comeback to the ring in the Tournament Of Power.

Animedia magazine recently revealed some spoilers regarding the show's future. They have also unveiled the title of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 125 named as “Advent of the God Of Destruction, Toppo [VIDEO]! There is Only Overwhelming Power!!.” The name of the said episode itself suggests that the Toppo will be the focus of it.


The title of the episode also indicates that Toppo might form final power during the battle. Pride Trooper will rival Gohan of Universe 11 in the final stage of Tournament Of Power. According to ComicBook, translator Hems98 suggested that "Toppo may really come into his own as a God of Destruction soon." He might also unlock Hakai energy. If this turns out to be true, Universe 7 might find themselves in a huge trouble.

Gohan and Android 17 will team-up

Toppo is expected to indulge in the fight with Android 17 and Gohan starting from "Dragon Ball Super" episode 122. It is scheduled to release on January 7 and titled as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!.” It is going to be a big deal for Gohan to fight someone as strong as a God of Destruction [VIDEO]. Spoilers further suggest that Android 17 will be eliminated in the early stage of episode 122.


So, Gohan will be left alone to fight him. If Universe 7's warrior wants to eliminate Toppo from the Tournament Of Power, he might need to team up with someone else or come out with new power.

The episode 123 of the "Dragon Ball Super" will release on January 13 and will be known as "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!." Fans can expect a lot of action in the episode as three major fights will take place in it including Goku/Vegeta vs. Jiren.

It is worth mentioning that the Tournament Of Power is now reaching its climax as only two Universe left in it, Universe 11 and 7. "Dragon Ball Super's" latest episode was aired on December 24, where U7 has defeated universe 3. Meanwhile, Show-makers have decided to skip December 31 episode; instead, it will air on January 7.