A few days ago, fans witnessed how two universes were annihilated after all their fighters were defeated in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super.” With only 10 minutes remaining before the winner is finally announced, fans can expect more explosive fights as the warriors struggle to stay in the arena to protect their respective universes. Episode 120 showed the elimination of the Power Ranger-Transformers-like-robot dubbed as Megazord from Universe 3. While many perceived Paparoni to be an easy opponent, it appears that the brain behind the robots has still his trump card under his sleeve.

In the upcoming episode, it looks like fans will witness an all-out war between Universe 3’s Paparoni and some of the warriors from Universe 7.

New character

Some information about the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently leaked online.


Interestingly, it revealed that two fan-favorite Saiyans from Universe 7-Son Goku and Vegeta would face a new character that will test their skills and strength. While the tag team has displayed an impressive performance in Episode 120, it appears that Vegeta and Son Goku’s fans are still in the spotlight in the next episode. Paparoni is the only surviving fighter after Gohan sent the united Koitsuka, Panchia, and Borareta out of the arena.

In episode 120, Paparoni, the brain behind the robots and their functions showed his desperation to protect his universe from total destruction. According to him, he will do everything in order for his universe and all its inhabitants to survive. Based on the leaked information, The Prince of All Saiyans and Son Goku will face Aniraza [VIDEO] in Episode 120.

Who is Aniraza

Over the Internet, several blogs and sites spilled out some information about this new character that will be introduced in the Tournament of Power.


Aniraza is now the center of many fan-theories [VIDEO]. One theory claims that the new character is Paparoni’s trump card in the Tournament of Power. He is depicted in several photos circulating around the Internet as an opponent towering in height and mass. His face shows a strong resemblance to the supervillain from hell-Frieza. In fact, because of the striking similarities, some fans think that Aniraza is the product of Frieza and Paparoni’s fusion.

Will the massive opponent beat Vegeta and Son Goku in the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super?” Will Frieza intervene in the fight? Will fans witness another universe getting erased by the powerful Zenos? Will it be Son Goku versus Jiren the Gray for the second time around? Will fans see a Vegeta-versus-Jiren fight?