The Ultra Instinct is a very rare technique and difficult to attain. According to Whis, the angel of the Universe 7, even Beerus Sama hasn’t managed to perfect this technique. Now, in the Tournament of Power, Son Goku has managed to awaken this technique, but it’s still imperfect.

The evolution of this technique

I have noticed that as the chapters move forward, there are slight changes that we can observe, as Goku uses this technique more frequently, which makes me think that this technique evolves as the user does, which means that it has different phases.

When Goku attained this technique for the first time, he couldn’t speak at all. His body dodged any attack from his enemies, therefore he was able to strike a direct blow to Jiren the Gray, the strongest fighter of the Tournament of Power.


However, his energy was being slowly drained away until he eventually lost that form and he was left at the mercy of his opponent, who ended their battle.

In the battle against Kefla, Goku used this technique once again after being almost unconscious. This time, the Saiyan was able to speak and he even said to Kefla that he couldn’t beat her. This time, Son Goku’s attacks were very weak, although he could dodge his opponent’s attack easily.

Son Goku still can’t use this technique at will, because in the moments that he’s able to do it, he’s usually unconscious. So, it’s likely that in the last confrontation between Goku and Jiren from Universe 11, we could watch this technique, but with some differences with respect to the first fight.

Ki details

If we take a look at several images of the V-jump magazine about the Ultra Instinct, we will see that besides the blue aura there’s also a red aura that surrounds the Saiyan from the Universe 7.


This, without any doubt, would be in the final battle and it would be the evolution of this technique. Some fans suggest that this is the combination of offensive and defensive, with which they imply that now Goku’s attack would be lethal for his opponent.

On the other hand, it’s likely that Jiren [VIDEO] shows us a little bit more of his power since this character has clearly never showed his devastating force.

Finally, let me remind you that the next chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" premieres on January 6 next year, and this chapter will be about the battle of the Universe 7 against Universe 11 [VIDEO], but it will be mainly focused on the confrontation between the Prince of all Saiyans and Jiren the Gray.