There are only two episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" left in 2017. The Upcoming episode, 120 ("The Perfect Survival Tactic! #Universe 3's Menacing Assassins!!") will air on December 17. While the episode 121 (“All-out war! Ultimate 4-way union vs the entire Universe 7!!” ) will air on December 24. It is worth noting that the makers are skipping the December 31 episode as it will release on January 7. Reports suggest that the next episode will come up with some twist and turns.

The ongoing Tournament of Power [VIDEO] is almost reached to its final stage. By now, sixty-six fighters are out in the showdown and only three teams are left.


It will be interesting to see which Universe will touch the glory. Recalling the previous episode, Katopesla was eliminated by Vegeta and insectoid Damon by Android 17.

Episode 120 spoilers

Only a few hours left in the release of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 120. There are tonnes of rumors and fan theories are hovering on social media regarding the upcoming episode. According to reports, Universe 3 and Universe 7 will clash in this episode. The three robotic warriors of Universe 3 will combine and create a single warrior. ComicBook reported that they will create a bigger Megazord form which is dubbed as "Aniraza." Nothing else is known regarding it.

On the other hand, Gohan will lead the charge from Universe 7 along with Goku and Piccolo. Notably, Piccolo had fought against Universe 4's invisible warrior in the previous episode (("Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!").


Gohan is expected to use his Kamehameha wave in this battle. The preview of the episode is already out and there is no doubt that episode 120 is one of the most anticipated episodes of 2017. A synopsis recently surfaced online saying that Gohan might be defeated in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 120. Overall, these are just speculations as we have to wait for the episode for confirmation.

Episode 121 spoilers

As mentioned earlier it will release next week on December 24. In this episode, Universe 3 will unleash their secret weapon against Universe 7. The context of Universe 3 merging will involve the combination of four robots resulting into a Voltron-like warrior. It is expected that with this episode battle between the mentioned Universe will end. Universe 7 might adopt offensive mode.

According to reports by Japanese magazine, V-Jump, tournament of Power will soon feature a new character. The new card suggests that there will be a new character [VIDEO] joining the franchise.