The titles and synopsis of upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" are up. The next episode will be chapter 122, scheduled to air on January 7. Notably, there will be no episode release on December 31. Episode 122 will focus on Vegeta. This part of the show will mark the beginning of the final stage of the Tournament of Power. It will feature the clash between universe 7 and Universe 11, the finalists of the Tournament of Power. So far, Universe 7 and 11 have fought exceptionally well in the tournament and eliminated a number of warriors.

Epsidoe 122 synopsis

Episode 122 is one of the most anticipated chapters of recent time.

A number of battles will take place in it including Vegeta/Goku vs Jiren, Dyspo vs Frieza and Toppo vs Gohan/Android 17. The preview of the episode shows Vegeta [VIDEO] is going up against Jiren and kicking him. According to ComicBook, episode 122 will see the Saiyan throw down the gauntlet before the Pride Trooper. Dyspo will annoy Frieza who will battle him in this part of the show. The episode will play a vital role in deciding the fate of the Tournament of Power.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 123 will air on January 13. The chapter will heavily focus on Goku and Vegeta as the name suggests. According to spoilers, the Saiyan will suffer heavily against Jiren in this episode. On the other hand, Goku will form the Ultra Instinct while fighting against the strongest warrior of Universe 11 and the Tournament of Power.

There are also rumors regarding Android 17's elimination in episode 123 [VIDEO] at the hands of Toppo.

Episode 124 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

According to Gamechup, Goku and Vegeta will battle Jiren together but teamed up, their attacks have hardly any effect in Chapter 124 of "Dragon Ball Super." Instead, Jiren seems to be raising his battle power even higher. On the other side, Gohan and Frieza will together challenge Dyspo. Based on speculation, Akira Toriyama might end Gohan's journey in the tournament. The episode will feature the do or die situation for both the Universes.

Episode 125 will have a special emphasis on Toppo. He might get the status of God of Destruction replacing Belmod. The chapter might be the end of the all the mentioned battles. Nothing much is known regarding it. The upcoming episodes are surely going to be intense, where fans will witness a lot of action. Overall, by looking at the synopsis, one can say it is going to be a tough ride for Universe 7.