The revelations continue for the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" where we will see key events unfold in the Tournament of Power. These key events include the elimination of a member of the Universe 7 team, another Universe erased by Zeno and the appearance of a new warrior who will try to eliminate Universe 7.

The summaries of these episodes were revealed by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and now we will discuss the summaries of chapters 119, 120 and 121.

Chapter 119

On the platform in the World of Void, the battle between Vegeta and Katopesla is nearing its end.


However, before that happens, the warrior of Universe 3 is surprised and falls from the platform.

Vegeta and Gohan are then attacked by something they can not see and are almost eliminated as well. This new warrior cannot be seen and their ki is undetectable as they proceed to attack Android 18. The invisible fighter from Universe 4 is called Gamisaras and Android 18 does not know how to confront this invisible enemy.

Chapter 120

Although Piccolo fell from the platform after being careless, the warriors of Universe 7 manage to defeat the two warriors of Universe 4 and triggers the end of their Universe.

Now, Universes 3, 7 and 11 are the last remaining in the Tournament of Power. Although Universe 11 is formidable thanks in part to Jiren, the strategy for the survival of Universe 3 was successful, having survived the Tournament thus far. Realizing that their Universe is at a numerical disadvantage, Universe 3 decides to take action.

Chapter 121

As the robotic warriors of Universe 3 merge, they decide to challenge Goku and the other warriors in Universe 7. This battle for survival reaches its final stage when the machines of Universe 3 finish their merger.


However, this is not the only trick up the sleeve of Universe 3.

These are the summaries revealed today and unfortunately, no details have been revealed about chapter 122 in which we could see a confrontation between Vegeta and Jiren. Even so, the appearance of a new warrior in the Tournament has been revealed, which is the merged warrior of Universe 3 and invisible warriors of Universe 4.

This warrior will be born from the fusion of the machines of Universe 4, creating a formidable warrior. On the other hand, it has confirmed the elimination of Universe 4, in addition to the fall of Piccolo.

For the moment this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more news, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.