"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more interesting with each passing minute. The makers of the anime show are not releasing episode this weekend due to the New year holiday. The upcoming Episode 122 [VIDEO] will air on January 7, making it 2018's first episode of the show. It is named as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!.” Fans can understand a lot of what to expect from this part of the show. Notably, only two Universes are left in the Tournament of Power and both the teams will rival each other in episode 122.

The beginning

As the name suggests, Vegeta will be in action in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 122 against Jiren while Goku can also be seen helping him.

The released preview of episode 122 shows Vegeta kicking Jiren. The Universe 11 warrior is the most powerful fighter in the Tournament of Power. The same part of the show will mark the beginning of the final stage of the tournament. Fans will also witness Dyspo fighting Frieza and Gohan along with Android 17 battling Toppo. If reports are to be believed, Android 17 will have little to do in this episode.

An intense battle

Episode 123 is one of the most anticipated of recent time. The fates of many characters [VIDEO] will be at stake in this episode. The biggest highlights of it could be watching Vegeta and Jiren unlocking Ultra Instinct against Jiren. On the other hand, Gohan and Android 17 might give Toppo a tough competition. The episode's preview suggests 17 hurts Toppo badly as he is on the verge of getting eliminated but at the same time Gohan refuses to use his final powers that could have ended the U11 warrior's journey.The fight is expected to stretch until the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super."

Episode 124 of "Dragon Ball Super" is releasing on January 21, 2018, and is titled as "Fierce Rush Attack! Gohan’s Final Stand!" It will feature Gohan helping Frieza to eliminate Dyspo.

On the other side, Vegeta and Goku will be battling Jiren. According to ComicBook, Jiren seems to be raising his battle power even higher. Meanwhile, Universe 7's Son Gohan goes to help out Freeza as he battles Universe 11's Dyspo." Goku is expected to unleash the full potential of his Ultra Instinct.

In terms of numbers, Universe 7 has more warriors but when it comes to strength Universe 11 is more powerful. U7 definitely need to bring out something special to beat their mighty opponents. In the previous episode, released on December 24, U7 eliminated U3 in the Tournament Of Power.