"Dragon Ball Super" has received positive reviews from both viewers and fans so far. The ongoing "Universal Survival" arc has featured universes in the Tournament of Power, which has now entered its final stage. We have seen warriors and universes getting eliminated and in the end, we have only two teams that are left. Universe 7 and Universe 11 are the only teams remaining in the Tournament of Power and fans will witness them clashing with each other in episode 122. A report by ComicBook presented many of the facts used in this article.


Episode 122 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The upcoming episode is scheduled to release on January 7, which makes it "Dragon Ball Super's" first episode of 2018. Earlier, it was planned to air on December 31, but for some reasons, showrunners have re-scheduled it. It is titled as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!.” A number of reasons make it one of the most anticipated chapters of the anime show. The biggest one could be the battle between Jiren and Vegeta. As one can see in the preview, Jiren is fighting Vegeta.

Universe 11 has Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo, while Universe 7 features Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and Frieza. In this episode, followers will also see Dyspo challenging Frieza and Toppo battling the pair of Gohan and Android 17. If reports are to be believed, Vegeta might form Ultra Instinct in this part of the show. Some of these mentioned fights are expected to stretch until Episode 125. Overall, Episode 122 will be an intense episode which will decide the future of warriors and the direction of Tournament of Power.


Nothing else is known regarding chapter 122 of "Dragon Ball Super." The rumors and speculations regarding these fights are hovering on social media. Meanwhile, nothing can be said for sure about what exactly will happen in Episode 122.

Episode 123 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Episode 123 is reportedly not a good one for Vegeta. According to ComicBook, "Vegeta is seriously injured and in dire straits.” So, will this mark the end of Vegeta? The answer is maybe not in this episode. Universe 7's warrior is heavily rumored to eliminate from the Tournament of Power, but not in Episode 123.

Goku will also feature in this episode to fight Jiren and he might unlock his fully-mastered Ultra Instinct. Android 17 might taste defeat in this episode at the hands of Toppo. The mentioned episode will air on January 21.

Meanwhile, recently, the title of Episode 124 surfaced online known as "A stormy fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall!!."