The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has recently aired its 120th episode. It showed the advantage of being a warrior race and being skilled in battles. The episode also centered on how the fighters of Universe 7 worked together to defend the universe against grave attempts of its annihilation. With only 10 minutes remaining before the tournament ends, every single fighter in the arena is giving their all for the survival of their respective universe. It is interesting to note that the remaining warriors have varying capabilities and fighting styles. Here is a rundown of the ten remaining strongest fighters ranked from weakest to strongest.



The brain behind the strong and destructive robots from Universe 3. He is still in the Tournament of Power after his creations were removed from the tournament by Universe 7’s warriors. Paparoni is the only fighter left in the arena from Universe 3. His fate in the next episode will dictate the future of his universe.


Universe 11's Dyspo may not be in the spotlight now but he has left an impressive performance when fought against Hit. The legendary assassin was almost defeated when the Pride Trooper learned how to counter his attacks. Fans are expecting that in the final minute of the tournament they will see more of Dyspo.

Android 18 and Android 17

Dr. GERU'S creations have proven that they are now humans and are willing to fight for Universe 7's survival. While they can fight other opponents skillfully with their limitless stamina, the siblings are better when they fight together. Along with Goku, they were able to beat Zarbuto, Zirloin, and Universe 2 and have caused the annihilation of Heles' universe.


The supervillain from hell has yet to show his new strength in the tournament. So far, fans have not yet seen Frieza showcasing his new power after he was thrown into hell.


He has been having fun since the hotly contested tournament started. In terms of the number of opponents eliminated in the arena, Frieza is one of the top fighters. Some of his opponents just jump off the arena in fear of him.


The Prince of all Saiyans holds the highest number of fighters eliminated in the tournament. However, fans are excited to see if he will be able to achieve the Ultra-Instinct Omen just like Goku in the Tournament of Power.


Son Gohan has proven once again that he has Saiyan DNA in his body.

Although he has not trained for a quite a while, he was able to show that he can still beat his opponents and can unleash his powerful self if needed. So far, he was responsible for the annihilation of Universe 11 and Universe 2. Many fans are hoping that they will see more from the fighter in the final minute of the tournament.


The team leader of the Pride Trooper is one of the formidable fighters in the Tournament of Power. He is a candidate for the God of Destruction, which means he is one of the powerful his universe.


During the preliminary fight, he challenged Goku and appeared very strong. As a team leader of the Pride Trooper, Toppo is definitely a powerful and strong opponent to watch out for.

Son Goku

The fan-favorite Saiyan is no doubt at the top chain of the rankings. In the Tournament of Power, Goku remained steadfast and strong and has eliminated many opponents. He was also able to unlock the Ultra-Instinct Omen that enabled him to defeat powerful fighters from other universes, including Kefla of Universe 6.

Jiren the Gray

The mysterious fighter from Universe 11 defeated two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse--Son Goku and Hit. Jiren is one of the most anticipated fighters to battle with anyone from Universe 7. Many fans are hoping that the final fight in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super” will star him and Son Goku.