God Of Destruction is the most respected status one can achieve in the "Dragon Ball Super." The anime show continues to give fans surprises with each passing episode. The show-runners are about to bring the new God of Destruction in the upcoming episodes. There are a lot of contenders for it but if reports are to be believed Toppo will replace Belmond as a God of Destruction. It is not known, why Belmond is being sacked from this position. At the same time, the biggest question is that will his Ki absorbed into Toppo? For those who don't know, the job of the God of Destruction is basically to destroy things.


It will be interesting to see how Toppo's teammate Jiren will react to his new status. Currently, Jiren is dubbed as the most powerful warriors in the Tournament Of Power. Being awarded the God of Destruction will make Toppo more powerful than Jiren.

Upcoming episode of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Episode 122 of the show will be released on January 7, and it is titled as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta challenges the Strongest!!.” At this point of time Tournament Of Power will reach its final stage. Some shocking incidents are expected to take place in this chapter of the "Dragon Ball Super." Currently, only two teams in the tournament, Universe 7 and Universe 11.

Both will collide with each other in the upcoming episode. Vegeta//Goku will fight Jiren, Gohan/Android 17 will rival Toppo and Frieza will battle Dyspo. The preview of episode 122 is already out; fans can see Jiren and Vegeta fight in it.

Universe 7 in trouble

If rumors are to be believed, things are looking tough for Universe 7 in the Tournament. As a team, Universe 7 has more warriors but in terms of strength Universe 11 has the Upper Hand. Jiren is expected to give a huge trouble to his opponents Vegeta and Goku while Frieza will witness Dyspo's fury.


Gohan will also struggle against Toppo. Some of these battles will run until episode 125.

Episode 123 is also getting anticipated as it will play a huge role to decide to might come out as the winner in the battle between Universe 7 and 11. Goku and Vegeta in this episode might unlock Ultra Instinct against Jiren. Vegeta is also expected to hurt badly in the same fight, and Android 17 might also say goodbye to the Tournament Of Power in chapter 122. The said episode will air on January 13 with the title "Full body, power, and spirit unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!"

So, the upcoming episode will feature the new God of Destruction with the fights of high intensity.