A new preview of Episode 119 of “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently released. It contains significant scenes giving fans a glimpse of some of the important events in the upcoming episode. The action is getting more intense as the hotly contested Tournament of Power has only 13 minutes remaining until the winner will be declared. With too little time left and with the remaining universes struggling to save their universes from total annihilation, fans should expect more powerful and mind-blowing scenes in the remaining episodes. Interestingly, the latest preview shows one important character going out of bounds of the tournament’s arena.


Stealthy bugs

In the previous episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” there were several scenes where Tien mentioned having sensed a faint presence of other fighters in the arena. Even Beerus, the god of destruction of Universe 4 was anxious when the Grand Priest Daishinkan announced the remaining warriors of the said universe without seeing the two missing fighters.

Through leaks, spoilers, and other hints from the team behind the popular anime series, fans learned that Universe 4 still has their trump card hidden until now.

In the latest preview, fans can see the fighters from Universe 7 getting blasts from unseen enemies. In the background, Goku’s voice can be heard saying that they cannot see their opponents but will try to find a way to figure out how to defeat them. He is also shown punching the ground out of desperation.

For the past 10 episodes, Universe 4 has been on the sidelines. There were several scenes where their warriors were shown but the exposure was very limited. This time, however, they get the spotlight and will surely exhaust what they have to avoid erasure.


The question right now is how strong are the remaining fighters of Quitela’s team?

Power levels

For now, the strengths, abilities, and powers of the remaining fighters of Universe 4 are still unknown. However, from the early illustrations and leaks, we know that the unseen warriors are insects. Many fans believe that the reason why these fighters remain unseen is that they are so small they cannot be easily seen by the naked eye. It is possible that they are microscopic, which gives them the edge to attack their enemies undetected.

However, they are not as strong as Jiren the Gray or Toppo of Universe 11. There are also several claims that Quitela’s team will be eliminated leaving the final minutes of the tournament to Universe 7 and Universe 11 as the ultimate fight.

What can Universe 7 do to detect these stealth fighters? Episode 119 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “Unavoidable, The Fierce Stealth Attack.” It is slated to air on December 10. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest preview below.