The recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” ended on a bittersweet note when two universes were erased after all of their respective fighters got eliminated in the Tournament of Power. Universe 2 and 6 were the latest among Zen-O’s victims. It even got more emotional when Champa, Universe 6’s God of Destruction was trying to say goodbye to his twin brother and fellow God of Destruction, Beerus.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct getting harder to achieve?

One of the highlights of episode 119 is Goku and Gohan’s simultaneous Kamehameha attack against their respective opponents.

Even the two Zen-Os expressed their admiration towards the father-and-son duo.

However, Goku himself is facing another predicament. According to Whis, Goku is developing an acclimation to ultra instinct.


He meant this in a negative way when Goku and Androids 17 and 18 were fighting the combined powers of Universe 2’s remaining warriors. He said that Goku is no longer able to break his shell and activate Ultra Instinct simply by fighting tough battles. He also added that exposure to extreme fight conditions can lead to acclimation. If this is the case, will he be able to make Jiren [VIDEO] break a sweat in their next fight?

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Gohan faced the tough Namekian warriors of Universe 6, Saonel and Pirina. They apparently fused with multiple Namekians before going to the Tournament of Power. This boosted their powers multiple times. The only drawback that they faced was that they needed more time to sync with the ones they assimilated. However, Piccolo and Gohan’s excellent teamwork and perseverance paid off when they executed their combination against their Namekian opponents.


Vegeta the next one to be eliminated?

The preview for “Dragon Ball Super episode 120 shows Vegeta getting thrown off the stage by some invisible beings. It would seem that Universe 4 warriors will be ready to bring chaos and pain to the remaining Universe 7 fighters. Will Vegeta [VIDEO] get eliminated and not achieve his dream of activating Ultra Instinct? Or is he going to show us more fight and unlock something extraordinary?

The Universe 11’s remaining warriors – Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo – seems to be observing everything and planning to let the time run out. While Jiren may have broken his meditation due to Kefla’s overwhelming presence, he seems to be conserving his power for a grand finale battle showdown against whoever he deems a threat. The only fighters capable of shaking Jiren down to his roots are Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, and Frieza.

We better be ready when that time comes.