The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]” marked the erasure of Universe 4 in the Tournament of Power. Quitela, Universe 4’s mouse God of Destruction put his secret plan into motion by sending three invisible warriors who have been biding their time all along while the rest of the fighters were battling one another.

The secret strategy of Quitela

It seemed that Quitela was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to start chaos on the fighting stage after all.

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After the elimination of Universe 2, he sent out his invisible warriors to start their secret strategy. Gamisaras, the first warrior, was an invisible one who tripped Vegeta and Gohan off the stage.

Fortunately, Piccolo was there to save Gohan from elimination. The Namekian warrior also came up with a strategy on how to deal with the invisible fighter. The strategy worked out and eliminated Gamisaras off the stage. However, as soon as Piccolo eliminated Gamisaras, another trickster stepped forward to drain Universe 7’s stamina.

Shantza, a tiny illusion master, enveloped a portion of the stage where the Universe 7 warriors were converged with an energy perimeter and shown them shadow figures of the eliminated warriors. This was taken advantage of by another warrior Damon. But Piccolo, showing a remarkably calm analysis of the situation, figured out the enemy’s plan and erased the illusion wrapping them. However, when he thought that he was safe from the enemy, he fell off the arena due to Damon’s unforeseen attacks.

Son Goku and Android 17’s superb teamwork lead to the elimination of the final warrior Damon and the subsequent erasure of Universe 4. But Quitela was the first God of Destruction to have shown a level of wrath when being erased by the two Zen-Os. Could this mean something significant that will be shown later in the series, like one of the gods will go rogue and aim for Zen-O’s life or something?

Son Gohan’s awakening?

The preview for “Dragon Ball Super” 120 is very interesting because Son Gohan finally decided to step up and be more aggressive. He will face a merged version of the three mecha warriors from Universe 3. Will he be able to achieve god-like powers just like his father Son Goku, and the Saiyan prince Vegeta [VIDEO]? Because out of the three Universe 7 Saiyan warriors, only Gohan has not achieved some extraordinary powers during the whole course of the DBS series. It will be a perfect opportunity to see Gohan reach a new power level that neither Goku nor Vegeta will ever achieve.