The current Tournament of Power of the Japanese series ''Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]'' continues to be at the center of things. New hypotheses and theories have just emerged on different social networks in Japan regarding the end of the tournament. Recently, the well-known anime magazine (Otakukart) revealed new details about the synopsis of episode 122 of ''Dragon Ball Super,'' which deals with the final match in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO].

Although it began with great force, and for a few weeks promised something never seen before, the last episodes of the series disappointed many.

However, the expectation of all fans of "Dragon Ball Super" has been at a high level regardless, and next month will be the expected showdown that everyone has been waiting for since the very beginning of this arc.


Universe 11 will face Universe 7, and with it, fans will finally get to see the anticipated showdown between Goku and Jiren.

Episode 121

Episode 121 will be broadcast on December 23rd, and as we saw in the preview last week, Universe 3 will do their best before ultimately being eliminated from the Tournament of Power. This elimination will set the stage for the clash between the last two universes in the next episode, which will not be broadcast the following week due to holiday festivities. That said, the highly anticipated showdown will air on January 7. Now, thanks to Ken Xyro we already know the first synopsis for it, which reveals Vegeta's shining moment.

'Risking his pride! Vegeta's challenge against the strongest'

"Vegeta goes after the strongest warrior, Jiren! Only Universe 7 and Universe 11 remain in the Power Tournament.


At that moment, instead of Goku, it is Vegeta who goes to battle against the powerful and fearsome villain." In addition, the synopsis also announces a surprising fight for this week between Frieza, who has remained in the background so far, and Dyspo, one of the Pride Troopers. "Dyspo tries to separate the warriors from Universe 7, and then Frieza, who is not happy with that movement, marks Dyspo as his target."

After countless theories and numerous speculations, it appears as though the Tournament of Power is finally nearing its end, and, along with that, there is news of a new film centered on the Saiyans set for next year. That said, however, everything depends on how the Tournament of Power ultimately ends. Either way, there is certainly a lot to look forward to.