The vast universe of "Dragon Ball Super" has never had a shortage of fiendish villains. The way Frieza was revived and reintegrated into the anime series is one of the best things that happened in the "Dragon Ball Super" so far. However, there seem to be some major differences between the manga and the anime series. One of them is how Cell was being brought back to life to grace the pages of the glorious manga that we all love to read.

The revival of Cell

The 31st chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" manga features Cell, the android who challenged the Z fights to a Budokai Tenkaichi-style tournament, getting trashed by a faceless warrior.

In the manga, Cell was revived not through the Dragon Balls, but through the efforts of the Earth’s mightiest hero, Mr. Satan. Son Gohan’s father-in-law made a movie that tells how he defeated the evil android. In the reimagined fight, Cell cannot believe how Mr. Satan is. He was getting whooped by the warrior all over the place. Cell even said the same words he told Gohan [VIDEO] back then: "I never thought that such a being could ever exist in this world. He’s actually stronger than me." The movie even showed Mr. Satan scolding Cell for having poor eyesight. He also bragged how Cell didn’t count on Earth having such a strong warrior. His fans celebrated after the defeat of Cell.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Android 18 happened to be watching the said hilarious re-imagining of the Cell Games.

While watching the movie, Goku suddenly appeared and invited the two to participate in the Tournament of Power. Both Krillin and Android 18 were hesitant to join at first. But when Goku made them an offer he knew they can’t resist, he was able to secure their assistance.

The Tournament of Power

The anime has progressed so far in the series. Currently, there are three universes left in the tournament, namely Universe 3 with four remaining warriors, Universe 7 with six remaining fighters, and Universe 11, with three remaining fighters. Jiren has broken his meditation to witness Son Goku fight Kefla, the fusion between Universe 6’s Kale and Caulifla. Universe 6 was erased from existence by the two Zen-Os after the Namekians Saonel and Pirina were eliminated from the arena.

As of today, only 10 minutes are remaining before the tournament ends. Will it end with the victory of Universe 7 having the most warriors left on the stage? Or will Universe 3 triumph through their Mecha warriors? Or could it be that Jiren will use his full power to completely overpower every single fighter and lead his universe to victory? How about Frieza [VIDEO]? Is he planning something sinister that would upset the outcome of the tournament?