A new set of spoilers for the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently released. The Tournament of Power is already approaching its final phase and it is expected that explosive fights are lined up to close the competition. The latest spoilers revealed surprising details about Episode 122 of the popular anime series. This includes a possibility of the supervillain from hell stealing the spotlight once again after several episodes of cameo appearances. There is a great chance that Frieza might be eliminated in the hotly contested competition and lose his chance of wishing for the super dragon balls.

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New spoilers

A new issue of the Japanese publication, Jump magazine, has been recently making the rounds in several networking sites. On Twitter [VIDEO], Yonkou Prod and Terez shared and translated into English the latest spoilers of Episode 122 of “Dragon Ball Super.” As revealed in the leaked spoilers, Vegeta will challenge Jiren the Gray.

Whether the strongest Pride Trooper agrees to this invitation is still unknown. But it will definitely excite the fandom should Jiren accept Vegeta’s challenge.

One surprising detail included in the latest spoiler is Dyspo destabilizing the fighters of Universe 7. Interestingly, the supervillain from hell, Frieza, does not like it. Dyspo’s clever ways prompted Frieza to make him his next target.

Golden Frieza

The fandom witnessed how Dyspo cleverly fought with the legendary assassin Hit in the previous episode of the popular anime series. While he could definitely counter Hit’s time-skip [VIDEO], the aged fighter from Champa’s team was able to learn how to trick him. Soon, fans saw that he was about to be defeated had he not escaped. There are only a couple of things that will happen in the upcoming episode.

It is possible that Dyspo will be easily eliminated by Frieza in the arena. There is also a great chance that Toppo will come into Dyspo’s help and both will fight against the supervillain.

If the second possibility happens, there is a great chance that Frieza will use his golden form to fight two strong enemies. So far, he has not yet shown his full power and has been playing around with his opponents. Stronger and more serious opponents might trigger him to go all out. There is also a possibility that he will be eliminated since Toppo and Dyspo working together is a tough opponent to handle.

For now, there are all speculations. Meanwhile, Episode 121 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on December 24. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Universe 7 warrior’s Son Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta against Universe 3’s Paparoni.