"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more interesting with each passing episode. The show will release its episode 121 on December 23. It will be called "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs Universe 7's Full Scale Attack!!" The fans can relate a lot of things from the title of the episode alone.

The preview of the upcoming episode is already out. In the episode, fans will see two powerful Universes going head-to-head with each other. It is worth noting that 'Dragon Ball Super" is running the Tournament of Power currently. Fans have witnessed the elimination of sixty-six warriors so far and there are only three Universes left to battle.

These teams are 11, 7 and Universe 3.

What to expect from Episode 121 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Episode 121 will be action-packed, where Universe 3 and Universe 7 [VIDEO]will go All Out against each other. U3 has Paparoni and robotic warriors while U7 has Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Android 17 and 18. By looking at the teams, one can say that U7 will easily defeat Universe 3 but this might not happen.

According to ComicBook, U3 is ready to give a huge shock to Goku's team by combining four robotic warriors into one and this will create a powerful warrior called Aniraza. On the other hand, Universe 7 will not hold back and ask for Frieza's help to fight against Aniraza. After an intense battle, Goku's team will eliminate Paparoni's Universe 3 and will reach further in the Tournament Of Power. According to Otakukart, Android 18 might be eliminated in episode 121.

The final battle of Tournament Of Power

After the defeat of Universe 3, only two teams will be left to fight for the glory, Universe 11 and U7. It is worth mentioning that Universe 7 is often called the most powerful team in the Tournament Of Power. The Universe has warriors like Jirena and Toppo. The fight between the Universes is expected to start in episode 122, which will air on January 6. It will be 2018's first episode of 'Dragon Ball Super." The episode will be called “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!”

There will be two major fights [VIDEO] that will happen in this part of the show - Jiren vs Vegeta and Frieza vs Dyspo. Vegeta has been itching to fight Jiren for a long time and the warrior's wish is finally coming true. Meanwhile according to the synopsis, "Dyspo tries to separate the warriors from Universe 7, and then Frieza, who is not happy with that movement, marks Dyspo as his target." It will be interesting to see who wins this battle. Nothing else is known yet.