The recent episode of the anime series wrapped up with the annihilation of two universes after losing the fight against Universe 7. Son Goku’s team combined powers to kick out the remaining warriors of Universe 2 and Universe 6. The bouts between these teams lasted for several episodes, and it concluded with the eliminated universes accepting their fate.

The creators of the anime series already confirmed that the Universe Survival Saga arc will last until March 2018.

However, with four teams left in the Tournament of Power, it’s certain that they’re brewing up something bigger than Jiren and Son Goku’s ultimate showdown.Dragon Ball Super” won’t be wasting any time, and in fact it seems like the anime series will be moving forward to introduce the next universe to be annihilated.


Universe 4 gets erased next?

The official preview and spoilers already revealed that the next set of fighters going up against Universe 7 are the three remaining warriors from Universe 4 [VIDEO]. Shantsa, and the twin warriors Gamisaras and Damom will be taking the spotlight in this weekend’s episode. According to the spoilers from Weekly Shounen Jump, which is a Japanese news outlet that gives out weekly reports on various anime and manga series, Universe 4 will actually be putting up a serious fight against Goku and his teammates.

As revealed in the latest preview, Android 17 and Android 18 will be taking blows from an invisible enemy. Piccolo and Son Gohan will actually be in the same boat. Shantsa happens to be another threat to Universe 7 because he can actually make clones of warriors who were eliminated from the Tournament of Power.


However, despite it all, there’s not a single chance that Universe 7 will be defeated by the three warriors from Universe 4. The anime is evidently clearing out the minor characters from the battle royal, and Quitela’s team is clearly the next one to go. Universe 11 may have three warriors left, but they have strength on their side, while Universe 7 and Universe 3 each have more than five warriors left on their team.

Piccolo sacrifices himself to subdue enemy?

However, the official updates for Dragon Ball Super” Episode 119 did mention a huge spoiler. Apparently, one member from Universe 7 will be making a huge sacrifice to put a stop to their invisible opponents’ advances.

With the exception of Krillin, Beerus’ team suffered casualties because of selfless acts. Tien Shinhan got knocked out early by putting himself out in the open to track down and eliminate a tricky opponent, while Master Roshi sacrificed his life to put an end to a few bothersome fighters.

Fans are already aware that Universe 7 is going to lose someone soon, and they’re betting it’s Piccolo. The Namekian will most likely be eliminated next, and given how the spoilers say it’ll be a sacrifice, it surely fits his profile. However, the anime might just surprise fans, and maybe let Android 18 drop out of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] instead. The preview teased Android 18 getting pummeled, and even Krillin gets all worked up. Based on the teaser, it might be either Piccolo or Android 18 that gets eliminated from the battle royal next.