"Dragon Ball Super" has a number of warriors, but no one is more powerful than Jiren. The Universe 11's fighter possesses some of the most lethal powers and techniques to beat any fighter. The show is coming up with episode 122 on January 7, which is titled as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!.” In the same episode, the final battle of Tournament Of Power will begin between Universe 11 and Universe 7.

Goku's new Super Saiyan Blue evolution

Fans will witness Vegeta and Jiren fighting in this part of the show.


The preview of the next episode also suggests the same where Vegeta is Kicking Jiren. If reports are to be believed, In episode 123 or 124, Vegeta will be hurt badly fighting against Jiren, and then Goku will take the full charge against the Universe 11's warrior.

Goku is one of the most powerful warriors in the "Dragon Ball Super." He has a number of powers, which can give any warrior huge trouble. If reports are to be believed, he is coming up with new forms in the upcoming episodes. The description of newly released Weekly Shonen Jump says that fans might witness a new Super Saiyan Blue evolution in episode 123.

According to ComicBook, “Goku is finally at full power! He transforms into Super Saiyan Blue,” the spoiler reveals.

The Universe 7's warrior is expected to battle Jiren, the strongest fighter in the Tournament Of Power. “Goku finally challenges Jiren! For this final battle, he transforms into full power Super Saiyan Blue!,” reports ComicBook. So, will Goku be able to give any sort of trouble to his much powerful opponent? We will see on January 13 episode. One thing is sure that the battle will be intense as both will go out against each other.


The upcoming episodes

It is worth mentioning that "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 123 will air on January 13 and it is titled as "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!." Jiren, Vegeta, and Goku will be the focus of the episode. There will be no episode come out on December 31.

Recently the title of the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 124 surfaced online, which is titled as "A stormy fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall!!" One can say that the episode will feature the battle between Gohan and Toppo.

It is expected that the same battle will begin in episode 122 and might end in episode 124. One other notable battle will also take place in episode 121 is between Frieza and Dyspo. The Universe 11's fighter will force Frieza to fight by annoying him, this will make U7's warrior angry.