"Dragon Ball Super" is one of the most famous anime TV shows in the world. The series has huge worldwide following stretching from Japan to the US. The makers of the show are releasing the next episode on January 7. It is worth noting that the episode was earlier scheduled to release on December 31. It means that the upcoming episode will be show's first episode of 2018. Episode 122 is titled as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!.”

The power game

"Dragon Ball Super" has a number of characters with their own unique power.

But, one character who is dubbed as the most powerful is Jiren. He is gifted with some lethal powers, which can knock down any warrior. The upcoming episode 122 will give Jiren [VIDEO] another chance to be in action again as Universe 11 will go all out against Universe 7.


It makes episode 122 one of the most anticipated ones of recent time.

The preview of the episode is already out, and one can see Jiren in trouble against Vegeta, but this is not the whole story. If theories regarding the episode are to be believed, Jiren [VIDEO]and Universe 11 will heavily dominate Universe 7 regardless what is shown in the trailer of the show. In the next episode, he is speculated to be eliminated in the hands of Vegeta and Goku. There are two more fights expected to happen in episode 122, Gohan vs Toppo and Frieza vs Dyspo. It is important to note that in terms of numbers, Universe 7 has more warriors than U11.

Tournament Of Power's final

A recent set of leaks suggest that the battle between U7 and U11 will come to its end in episode 123, allegedly known as "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!." Fans might witness season's most interesting twist in the same episode as Goku and Vegeta will form Ultra Instinct, their lethal power.


This might turn the tides around as the duo is rumored to develop the strategy of offense and defense against Jiren. Apart from Jiren, there are not many warriors will be left who can change to fates all by themselves. Also, as Dyspo will rival Freiza, there might be a possibility that Dyspo will lose that match.

The Tournament Of Power is now on its climax as only two mentioned Universe left. Almost seventy warriors have been eliminated in The Tournament so far. In the previous episode 121, "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs. Universe 7's Full-Scale Attack!!," U7 has eliminated Universe 3 in the tournament. The "Dragon Ball Super" airs on Crunchyroll and Funimation every Saturday evenings at 7:15 PM CST. Nothing else is known yet.