"Dragon Ball Super" Ep 120 will air on December 17. In the US, Adult Swim airs the show. The next episode is Episode 120 and is titled "The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassins!!" The upcoming episode will feature the fight between Universe 7 and Universe 3. It is also an important episode keeping in mind that Tournament of Power will soon enter in its final stage. Currently, there are only three universes left to fight as 66-warriors are already eliminated.

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What to expect from Episode 120?

Gohan's fans are getting really nervous regarding this episode. It will be an ultimate clash where Gohan will lead the fight from Universe 7's end.

Reports suggest that three of Universe 3 fighters will merge into one super warrior. CT reported that the preview for the next episode features the fusion of robotic warriors Borareta, Pancea, and Koitsukai. In the preview of an upcoming episode, Gohan can be seen saying, "we’re in deep trouble."

According to otakukart, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and the others use their hands to shield themselves from intense light, and 17 and 18 bow their heads. As we can see in the preview, he will launch his Kamehameha wave and will burn his opponents to a crisp. It is worth noting that in the previous episode, "Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!" Picollo fought with Damon. Meanwhile, Universe 6 and Universe 4 are already out of the tournament.

An ultimate battle between Vegeta and Jiren

Episode 121 will air on December 24.

It is titled “ All-Out War! The Ultimate 4-way combination vs Universe 7’s total offensive!!”

Next up, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 22 [VIDEO] will air on January 7. The New Year episode is titled as “ Staking his pride! Vegeta challenges the strongest! Fans might see a battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11 in this episode. It is probably the most anticipated episode because by this time there will be only two Universes left in the Tournament of Power. It is expected that this episode will feature the battle between Vegeta and Jiren. In Episode 119, Vegeta fought Katopesla an invisible force of Universe 3.

There are a number of theories floating on social media regarding this episode. One theory suggests that Vegeta will get ultra offensive which might lead him to Ultra Instinct Vegito. Toppo will also play a huge role in January 7 episode [VIDEO]. The viewers are going to have a thrilling experience in upcoming episodes for sure.