"Dragon Ball Super" is approaching the end and with each passing episode of the show brings something new to the fans. This weekend, the anime show is coming up with Episode 121 called "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs universe 7's Full Scale Attack!!" that will air on December 23. Those who follow the show closely know what they need to expect from an upcoming episode. The speculations and rumors regarding the December 23 episode are on at a new high. Fans and critics of the show are presenting their own theories about what will happen next. As of now, the show is witnessing the Tournament of Power. In the tournament, only three universes remain and 66 warriors have tasted the defeat.

The last teams which have faced elimination were universes 6 and 4.

Aniraza's inception

In Episode 121, a new character will be unveiled called Aniraza, from the fusion of four robotic warriors. Universe 7 might find themselves in trouble against Aniraza, so they are looking forward to taking help from Freeza in Episode 121. If this turns out to be true, U7 will definitely have an upper hand over Universe 3, as they will go All Out against Aniraza. The winner of the fight can expect a face-off with Universe 11 in Episode 122. Speculations indicate that Universe 7 will beat U3.

Episode 122 reveals Universe 7's fate

It is expected that Universe 7 will eliminate Universe 3 in the Tournament Of Power. In Episode 122, Freeza [VIDEO]will play a vital role. According to Omnitos, fans might witness Vegeta challenging Jiren to battle instead of Goku. On the other hand, Freeza will battle Dyspo of Universe 11.

A report by ComicBook further suggests that Dyspo tries to hinder Universe 7’s fighter. Disliking this strategy, Freeza selects Dyspo as his next rival. It is worth noting that Dyspo is one of the fastest fighters in the Tournament Of Power. The preview for the episode is yet to come.

Episode 122 is scheduled to be released on January 7, as per the reports. Notably, fans will not see any episode releasing on December 31, as makers have decided to skip that date. The new year episode will be called “Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest.” This part of the show might also feature Gohan battling against U11. Overall, fans [VIDEO]can expect a lot of action in upcoming episodes. There are also rumors regarding Episode 123, which will be called “Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!” and will air on January 14, 2018. Fans have to wait a bit more for the confirmation.