New information has been revealed for upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." On this occasion, we have received information about the next episodes of the series created by Akira Toriyama [VIDEO]. This information reveals the provisional titles of episodes 120, 121, and 122. These titles are not yet confirmed, however, the source is known to be reliable from past revelations. With that in mind, we recommend discretion until the information is confirmed.

Chapter 120: 'The Murderous Menace of Universe 3'

Everything indicates that Universe 3 will be the antagonist in episode 120.

The Tournament of Power [VIDEO] began a long time ago and not much has been revealed about this universe, remaining one of the bigger mysteries in the tournament. What little we have seen is the character named Maji-Kayo, who was easily eliminated by Jiren.


We were also shown their secret weapon, Narirama, who was easily defeated by Hit in the opening minutes of the tournament.

Chapter 121: 'The Fusion of Universe 4 vs. Universe 7'

This title is really surprising because we did not expect to see more fusions in the tournament. In addition, we have already seen Quitela reject the idea of using the Potara earrings. This leads us to believe that this fusion of the warriors from Universe 4 will not be a conventional fusion and is possibly something we have never seen. However, with the limited information, it is hard to speculate further.

Chapter 122: 'Vegeta's Hardest Challenge'

Without a doubt, the title of Chapter 122 is the most surprising, since it mentions that Prince Vegeta will face his most difficult challenge in the series. Everything indicates that Vegeta will fulfill his desire to challenge Jiren since his first attempt to engage in this battle was interrupted by Toppo.


However, in this episode, Vegeta will again try to challenge the most powerful warrior of Universe 11.

On various forums and websites, it is already speculated that Vegeta will fight Jiren since he previously had the intention of challenging the warrior of Universe 11. However, we believe that it is absurd for Vegeta to challenge Jiren since the difference in their level of power is still substantial. Still, we see this challenge as something positive for Vegeta that could awaken Ultra Instinct as a result of exceeding his limits in this seemingly impossible battle against Jiren. Of course, the latter is purely speculation and we do not claim that this will happen in chapter 122 of "Dragon Ball Super."