"Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival Saga is getting near to its end. Currently, only two Universes in the Tournament of Power are left. It is worth mentioning that the makers are not releasing episode 122 this week and instead, it will air on January 7, 2018. The show is getting exciting as fans will see a number of fights in the upcoming episodes including 123, 123 and 124. Fans can expect a lot of action in these episodes.

The clash of the two strongest teams

Episode 122 of "Dragon Ball Super" will showcase the battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11.


U7 has Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 17 and their opponents are Jiren, Dyspo, and Toppo. Vegeta will battle Jiren, the most powerful fighter in the Tournament of Power. Speculations suggest that Vegeta might unlock Ultra Instinct in this episode. The trailer for the episode also shows Jiren and Vegeta fighting. Now the question comes, will Vegeta be able to give Universe 11's leader a tough fight?

The spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 123 are also making headlines on social media.

If spoilers are to be believed, fans will witness the Saiyan Prince using his full-power fighting against Jiren but it will not be enough to eliminate him. The episode is titled “Full Power Of Mind And Body Unleashed! Goku And Vegeta.” Goku will also team up with Vegeta but later in the battle, Vegeta will get seriously hurt.

Is this the end of Gohan?

On the other hand, Frieza will rival Dyspo. The clash will start in episode 122 and is expected to stretch until episode 124. Gohan is expected to come out to help Frieza in the battle to defeat Universe 11's warrior in the same episode.


In this part of the show, according to ComicBook, Goku and Vegeta will team up against Jiren, but even their combined power will flounder in the face of Jiren’s rising strength.

Episode 124 is named as “God Of Destruction Toppo Appears! Pure Overwhelming Power!.” Spoilers indicate that Gohan's future in the Tournament of Power might be decided in this part of the show. According to fan theories, Universe 11's leader Toppo might eliminate Son Gohan. Toppo is said to be the new God of Destruction of U11, replacing Belmod.

So, will it be the end of the Gohan. To find out his fate, we have to wait for the official episode. Readers are advised most of the information is based on rumors and spoilers.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 121 was aired on December 24, which was show's last episode of 2017.