"Dragon Ball Super" is one of the most famous anime shows in the world. There are many factors which make it interesting is its story and characters. The makers have recently aired the last episode of 2017. Episode 121 also known as "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs. Universe 7's Full-Scale Attack!!" was released on December 24. In the said episode Universe 3 has been eliminated by Universe 7. For those who don't know, the showrunners have decided to skip the December 31 episode instead it will release on January 7.

The tactics of Universe 7

Episode 123 of the "Dragon Ball Super" will air on January 13. It is allegedly called as "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!." In the same episode, Universe 7's Goku and Vegeta might unlock Ultra Instinct. The duo is expected to use it with the combination of defense and attack, where Goku will be defensive, and Vegeta will use it for the offense.

This strategy of the Universe 7 might come handy to beat mighty Jiren, who is known as the most powerful warrior in the Tournament Of Power. The synopsis suggests that Universe 7 will face trouble against U11's Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo but later in episode 123, they will taste the defeat.

2018's first episode

"Dragon Ball Super's" first episode [VIDEO] (show's 122) will air on the January 7 and will be known as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!.” The name of the episode might be enough to understand what is going to happen to it. The Universe 7 and Universe 11 will go All Out against each other in this episode. It is important to note that episode 122 will mark the starting of Tournament Of Power's final stage.

In the tournament, almost 70-fighters have been eliminated while only two mentioned Universes left.

The notable warriors left in the tournament are Goku, Jiren, Vegeta, Toppo, Gohan, Dyspo, and Frieza. All of these fighters are set to give each other a good run for their money. One can say that the upcoming episode 122 is one of the most anticipated episodes of recent time. Fans will witness everything from action to shocking twists.

The biggest fight that will happen in it is the Jiren and Vegeta's clash while Dyspo will force Frieza to fight. According to ComicBook, Episode 122 has Vegeta challenging Jiren in Goku's stead. If reports are to be believed, earlier Goku was expected to battle Jiren. On the other hand, Frieza will be up against Dyspo, who is dubbed as one of the fastest warriors in the tournament [VIDEO]. Readers are advised that the information is based on theories and rumors from different sources, for confirmation fans have to wait for the upcoming episodes.