A few hours ago, the first exclusive images of episode 122 of "Dragon Ball Super" were revealed, which will show us the battle between the two remaining universes of the Tournament of Power. The fight between Vegeta and Jiren is about to begin! It is a duel in which the destiny of a universe will be decided! Now, we reveal the unpublished images.

Unpublished images

In the first image, we observe Goku, who seems to have a very serious look on his face.


In this duel, Goku will use the power of the Super Saiyan Blue since he has fully recovered from his first battle against the warrior from Universe 11.

In the next image, we see Gohan who prepares a Kamehameha at its full power. This image could correspond to his failed attack against the leader of Universe 11, Toppo, after Android 17 decided to use all his power to paralyze the courageous “Warrior of Justice.”

One of the most revealing images is that of Vegeta, as we can plainly see the severely injured Saiyan Prince.

It shows him standing there with his typical Saiyan vest damaged, in addition to having wounds in various places on his body. This image seems to be prior to Vegeta's final attack, in which he will use Final Flash.

The last filtered image shows Jiren, whom we see giving a serious look, as always. This image ties in seamlessly with the first image of Son Goku, where we see that the charismatic Saiyan warrior also has a face that denotes some seriousness. This image may be a scene from the first few minutes of the episode.


The defeat of Vegeta

Unfortunately for fans of this character, the defeat of Vegeta has been confirmed in recent days. It has been mentioned repeatedly that Vegeta gives a good final fight to Jiren, even hitting Jiren with 2 blows, but ends up being easily defeated by the warrior whose power rivals that of a God of Destruction. After this, Goku will take the place of Vegeta who will be seriously injured and will use all his power to face Jiren who seems to be invincible at this point.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Frieza will fight against Dyspo, while Toppo will release all his power to preserve life in his universe.

Everything indicates that the power Toppo hides is extremely surprising because it is believed that episode 124 will be centered solely on Toppo.

This was the most recent news from the world of the "Dragon Ball" franchise. Watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes through some leaked information and spoilers regarding this impressive saga.