Only Universe 7 and 11 remain in the Tournament of Power of "Dragon Ball Super". This means that only the strongest fighters are left in the battle royal. Who will win the tournament? Will Goku and Vegeta manage to bring Jiren down?

Vegeta attacks Jiren

There will be no episode this week due to New Year festivities. The anime will return with episode 122 which will air on Jan. 7, 2018 titled "For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge To Be The Strongest!!" Fans will see the match between Vegeta and Jiren after the Saiyan Prince attacks the Pride Trooper.

The preview of the episode shows that Goku thinks Vegeta will find it hard to take down Jiren. But, the video also shows that Vegeta is able to hold his own against Jiren, using his flash attack while Jiren attempts to block the assault.


Perfected Ultra Instinct

Episode 123 will air on January 14th, 2018, and is titled, "Full Power of Mind and Body Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta" This indicate that either Goku or Vegeta will master the Ultra Instinct form. It is rumored that Goku uses the form primarily for defense. He can fight even with less body movement because he has a powerful mind but his body is weak. This explains why even his punches couldn't harm Jiren.

However, there are chances that Goku will be able to use both body and mind while on Ultra Instinct. This hints that Goku will be very powerful, but is it enough to defeat Jiren? There is also a possibility that it is Vegeta who will achieve that state [VIDEO] even if he wasn't able to go UI during his first attempt. Or both of them will go UI and will fight together to take down the Universe 11 warrior.


Dyspo and Toppo goes full force

Everyone will be giving their best [VIDEO] in order to bring down the other universe. On Jan. 21, 2018, episode 124 titled "Fierce Rush Attack! Gohan’s Final Stand!" will feature Gohan helping Frieza to defeat Dsypo. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta will continue fighting Jiren. It now becomes more challenging for the Saiyans since Jiren will become stronger.

Episode 125 titled "God of Destruction Toppo Appears! Pure Overwhelming Power!" will air on Jan. 28, 2018. The summary is not yet provided but the title teases that Toppo will reveal his true powers in order to eliminate Universe 7.

It is known that Toppo will be the next God of Destruction in their universe. This means that he is very powerful and he is hard to defeat. What technique will the Universe 7 fighter use to send Toppo out of the arena? Meanwhile, episode 126 will air on Feb. 4 and the title is not yet decided by the show's creators.