"Dragon Ball Super" is one of the world's most known anime shows. Episode 121 of the highly popular show is set to air on December 24. The upcoming episode is titled as "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs. Universe 7's Full-Scale Attack!!"

The name of the episode gives a lot of hints regarding the story of the episode. The ongoing Tournament Of Power is in its final stage. There are only three teams (Universe's) left in the tournament, and the fans have seen the eviction of 66-fighters so far.

Universe 6 and Universe 4 were the last two evicted teams. It should be interesting to see what will happen in the upcoming episode.

An ultimate episode of 'Dragon Ball Super'

It is being dubbed as the most anticipated episode of 2017 after the preview was released earlier this month.


One of the biggest reasons is the clash between Universe's 3 and Universe 7. The battle will be a deciding one for both of the teams as the winner will face Universe 11 later in the tournament. In terms of strength, both teams look equal, but there is a huge twist in the tale. According to Otakukart, Universe 3 is preparing something big; the four-way fusion of their robotic warriors. The four fighters will merge into one to form Anizara, a powerful warrior.

Universe 7 is also very powerful, but will the team be able to stand against the formidable warrior? Universe 7 has six total fighters left to battle. If reports are to be believed, Gohan and Vegeta will play a huge role alongside Goku.

Recently, a photo of the December 24 episode was leaked online. It shows Android 18 out of the frame, which indicates that the warrior might be eliminated.


This will surely make Universe 7 [VIDEO] fans nervous as Android 18 alongside Android 17 has fought well in battle and helped eliminated Viara. Episode 121 is surely going to be an intense one.

Episode 122 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

It is worth mentioning that the battle between both the mentioned teams [VIDEO]was started in the previous "Dragon Ball Super" episode, "The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassin!!" Meanwhile, there will no episode airing on December 31. Instead, episode 122 will air on January 7. This means the next episode that airs on Christmas Eve will be the last of 2017.

Fans will witness the battle between Jiren and Vegeta in this chapter. Readers are advised that most of the information is based on rumors, fans have to wait for the episode for confirmation.