Every "Dragon Ball Super" fan is waiting for December 23 for the episode 121. It is expected that a new warrior will be featured in the next episode. The episode will be called “All-out war! Ultimate 4-way union vs the entire Universe 7!!” The viewers can relate a lot from the name of the episode only. There are tonnes of speculations and fan theories are hovering on media outlets regarding the upcoming episode. The show is currently featuring the Tournament Of Power. As of now, there are only three Universes left in it including Universe 11, 7 and 3.


Among them, Universe 7 has the highest number of warriors including Goku while Universe 7 is regarded as the most powerful with the fighters like Jiren.

Episode 121 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Episode 121 is set to become an ultimate one as it will feature the battle between Universe 7 and 3. The winner of this fight will face U11 in episode 122, as per the reports. So, it will be a fate decider episode, which makes it an anticipated one. It will be the last episode of 2017.

When talking about the strength of both the teams, U11 has more fighters including Goku while U3 has robotic warriors under the guidance of Paparoni.

The biggest twist episode 121 will have is the 4-way fusion between the robots of Universe 3!, reports Omnitos. Recently, Toei Animation, the makers of "Dragon Ball Super" has teased fans regarding the new character in the show and this will be the Aniraza which will be the result of merging between the robot fighters of U3. Earlier, fans were expecting the Uub or Ultra Instinct Vegeta but ultimately it turns out to be something else. Vegeta in this episode is rumored to show his new power.

More regarding the future of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The makers have already released the preview of the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 121.


Meanwhile, Omnitos further reported that Android 18 might be eliminated in the December 23 episode. The report is based on the leaked picture where all the member of Universe 7 can be seen apart from Android 18. Does this mean the warrior is being defeated by Aniraaza Robot? To know that, fans have to wait a bit more.

It is worth noting that the fight between U3 and U7 is has been started in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 120, which is being called as “Perfect survival strategy! Deadly assassins of Universe 3!!” In this episode, fans have seen that Viara is annihilated by Android 17 and 18.

On the other hand, Gohan was the most active warrior in the said episode from Universe 7.