"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more excited with each passing episode. The show will come up with its episode 121 on December 24. It is one of the most anticipated episodes of this year. The episode is named as "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs. Universe 7's Full-Scale Attack!!" Fans can understand a lot regarding the upcoming episode by the title of the episode itself. It is worth noting that the next said episode will decide the fate of many characters.

Episode 121 explained

Tones of rumors and fan theories are hovering on social media regarding the episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" is now almost reached in the final of Tournament Of Power. As of now, the tournament has three Universes left, and sixty-six warriors have been defeated in it so far.


So, it will be interesting to see which Universe will be eliminated in the next episode.

The upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the ultimate battle between Universe 3 and Universe 7. The preview of the episode is already out. U7 has Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Android 17 and Android 18 while U3 is lead by Paparoni with the robotic warriors. Regarding strength, both teams are looking equal. If rumors are to be believed, Universe 3 [VIDEO] is planning to merge four of its robotic warrior into one to battle Universe 7.

The fusion of the U3 fighters will form the Anizara, a formidable warrior. On the other hand, U7 will heavily depend on Gohan and Vegeta, as they will lead the charge from their team. Vegeta [VIDEO] is rumored to showcase its new power in the upcoming one. The winner will face Universe 7 in episode 122.


There is also speculation that Universe 3 will be defeated in the battle while there is no confirmation. On the other side, according to Otakukart, a newly leaked picture of Episode 121 show's the absence of Android 18, which means the fighter is likely to be eliminated in the battle. Overall there is nothing can be said with surely but one thing is clear that the December 24 episode will be full of actions.

The last episode of 2017

It is worth mentioning that "Dragon Ball Super" makers are not releasing an episode on December 31, which means the next episode will be the last one of the year. Meanwhile, 2018's first episode and show's 122 will air on January 7. It is titled as "Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest.” Reports indicate that Vegeta and Jiren will go head-to-head in this episode. Nothing else is confirmed yet.