"Dragon Ball Super" fans are going to have an execting weekend. episode 121 is all set to debut on December 23. It will be called "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs. Universe 7's Full-Scale Attack!!" The title of the upcoming episode very much reveals the storyline itself. Fans can have a glimpse of what they should expect from the next episode. The viewers will witness a few twist and turns. One of them is that the makers have decided to feature a new warrior on December 23 episode.

It will feature a clash between Universe 3 and Universe 7. This makes the episode 121 a much-anticipated one.

The rumors and tonnes of fan theories are making headlines on social media regarding what to happen next in the episode.


Currently, the Tournament Of Power in the "Dragon Ball Super" is underway. Only a few warriors have left in the tournament with only three Universe; these are 7,11 and Universe 3. It is worth mentioning that U7 has the highest number of fighters left while U11 is dubbed as the most powerful in terms of strength.

A secret fighter

The trailer or preview of episode 121 is released recently. There will be two major twists will take place in the episode. The first one will be that Universe 3 [VIDEO]will go for the fusion of its four warriors. The merger of these robotic warriors will lead the inception of a fighter called, Aniraza. This is the character show-runners are ready to introduce and who is making fans curious. The producers of the "Dragon Ball Super" were teasing fans regarding the said character since the end of episode 120.


Freeza to help U7?

The second twist will be Freeza's role in the next episode [VIDEO]. According to ComicBook, Goku will ask Frieza for help against Universe 3, and the latest preview for "Dragon Ball Super" teases the odd moment. Universe 7 is expected to be in trouble against Aniraza of Universe 3, and this will force Goku to ask for assistance from Frieza. Meanwhile, U7 have fighters like Gohan, Android 17, Android 18, Goku, and Vegeta.

Many synopses suggest that even after have a formidable warrior like Aniraza, U3 will lose against U7 in the Tournament Of Power. In episode 120 titled as "The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassin!!" Android 17 and 18 have already eliminated one of U3's warrior Viara.

December 23 episode is going to be last one of the year 2017. The producers of the show are skipping December 31 episode instead it will release on January 7, 2018.