"Dragon Ball Super" is slowly reaching its climax. The show is gathering a huge following from fans because of its plot, which is full of twists and turns. The upcoming episode is arguably one of the most anticipated episodes of the year. Though Episode 121 is scheduled for release on December 23, fan theories and rumors seem to already unveil what viewers might expect. The episode will be called "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs Universe 7's Full Scale Attack!!" this week. It is worth mentioning that, currently, the tournament of Power is underway and will soon reach the final stage.


The tournament has seen some unforgettable battles among warriors and universes. 66 warriors have been evicted while only three teams are left including, universes 3, 11, and 7.

Who will be eliminated?

Among the remaining teams, Universe 7 has the highest number of fighters left, including Goku and Vegeta. On the other hand, Universe 3 depends on Paparoni and robotic warriors while U11 has fighters like Jiren.

Episode 121 is going to be a fate decider for Universe 7 and Universe 3, as both teams will go head-to-head with each other.

In the December 23 Episode, fans will witness something they have never seen before in "Dragon Ball Super." According to Omnitos, there will be a fusion taking place where four robotic warriors will combine into one to bring a fighter called, Aniraza. This indicates that U7 is not going to have an easy fight, as many fans believe that Goku's team can easily defeat U3. To those who don't know, the battle between U7 and U3 is already underway, as it was stared in the previous episode named "The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassin!!" when it came out. In this clash, Gohan's team has dominated Paparon's team most of the time.


Shocking twist

This is not going to be the end of the story, as another twist is rumored to happen in Episode 121 of "Dragon Ball Super." According to ComicBook, Universe 7 is planning to bring Freiza in their team. It is being said that Freiza will be the answer to Aniraza. Notably, U7 already has Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Android 17, and Android 18. The new fighters entry in U7 will surely make the battle interesting.

The winner of the said battle is expected to face Jiren's Universe 11 in Episode 122.

It is titled as Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest.” Fans might see Jiren battling Vegeta in this episode. It will be released on January 7.