"Dragon Ball Super" is undoubtedly one of the best anime TV [VIDEO] shows in the world. The show has every ingredient to make any show an instant hit. episode 121 of the Tv series is on its way and it is set to release on December 23. Though there are two days left until the episode's release, the rumors, and speculation regarding it are floating on social media. The show is screening the Tournament of Power. It is the battleground for characters and teams in the show.

So far, sixty-six fighters have been thrown out of it with only three Universe (teams) left to battle. The last teams which were eliminated from the tournament were Universe 4 and 6.

Among the teams left, Universe 11 is dubbed as the most powerful with the warriors like Jiren. On the other hand, Universe 3 has Paparoni and the robot warriors and Universe 7 [VIDEO] has the maximum number of fighters including Goku.

A war between the two mighty Universes

The upcoming episode will be called "All-Out War! The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs Universe 7's Full Scale Attack!!" The die-hard fans can relate a lot of things from the name of the episode, about what might happen next. There are several reasons why this episode is much anticipated. This biggest one might be the fight between Universe 3 and 7. It is the clash which will decide who will progress further in the Tournament of Power. The winner is expected to face Universe 11 in episode 122, which will come with the title of “Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest.” Vegeta will rival Jiren in this episode as per the synopsis.

A secret warrior

Coming back to the battle of episode 121, Universe 3 is expected to combine its four robotic warriors into one. The merger will lead to the inception of an ultimate fighter called Aniraza. The producers of "Dragon Ball Super" were teasing the show's fans since this past weekend. Meanwhile, Universe 7 is reported to ask Freiza's for help. So ultimately, this might be enough power to battle U3's Aniraza as U7 already has Gohan, Vegeta, Android 17 and 18. If reports are to be believed, Goku's team will eliminate Paparoni and the robotic warriors. For those who don't know, the preview of the show is already unveiled.

Episode 122 as mentioned earlier, will be released on January 7 and will be 2018's first episode of "Dragon Ball Super." The show-runners have decided not to air an episode on December 31. Nothing else is confirmed regarding the mentioned episode.