"Dragon Ball Super" will release episode 120 on December 17. The show is getting ready to enter the final stage of the Tournament of Power. Fans are starting to get curious about who will win the event. 66-warriors have already been eliminated from the tournament, and only three Universe's are left to fight for the ultimate prize. In episode 118 titled "Accelerated Tragedy Vanishing Universes..." Universe 4 and Universe 6 were eliminated. According to sources, the next episode is titled "The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassins!!"

Gohan is in trouble

According to ComicBook, a recent "Dragon Ball Super" synopses has suggested that Gohan might be in trouble against the robotic warriors of Universe 3.


The report hinted that there would be a twist, and that twist could be Gohan getting eliminated. If the report turns out to be true, it will be an ultimate shocker for Gohan fans. It is important to note that these are just rumors as only the episode itself will confirm what will happen.

The upcoming episode will feature a battle between Universe 7 and Universe 3. Reports suggest that Universe 7's three fighters will merge into one and battle with Gohan. It is worth noting that, Picollo was defeated in the previous episode named "Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!"

This made Gohan angry, and he is desperate to get revenge for Piccolo's defeat.

In the preview of the show, which is already out, viewers can see Gohan telling Vegeta and Goku that he will eliminate his enemies. He will be using his powerful Kamehameha wave against them.

Upcoming episodes update

Episode 121 will air on December 24. It is expected by many that Universe 3 will show their secret weapon during this episode. It is also the episode where the fate of several characters will be at stake.

Episode 122 will release on January 7, 2018. Despite previous reports, the producers of the show are not releasing the chapter on December 31.


The new year episode is titled "Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!" Viewers will be able to see a showdown between Jiren and Vegeta.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball FighterZ" roster is gearing up for something big soon. The producers have revealed that Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit might be included. Overall, the upcoming episodes are probably going to be the most anticipated releases in recent memory. It will be interesting to see who comes out as the winner once the dust settles.