"Dragon Ball Super" might be the most famous anime TV series in the world. It airs every Sunday morning in Japan and in other countries it streams via Crunchyroll and FunimationNow. The show is getting highly anticipated with each episode.

The show is all set to give its fans a few surprises as we go towards year end. DBS will release episode 120 ("The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassins!!") on December 17. There are a number of fan theories floating on social media. Notably, the Tournament Of Power is in its final stage. At this stage, 66-fighters are already out of the tournament while only three Universes remain in it.

In the previous episode119 ("Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!") Piccolo and Gohan were fought against Universe 4 warriors.


At the end of the battle, Piccolo lost the fight against Damon. In the same fight, an invisible force attacked Universe 3's warriors. Goku eliminated Damon later in the fight.

Fates are at stake

In episode 120, Gohan will go head-to-head with Universe 3's fighters. It is expected to be a tough fight for Gohan as Universe 3 is rumored to unite three of their warriors into one. The merger will form a formidable warrior. Universe 3 fighters mostly consist of characters in robotic suits. The trailer of the episode is already out and Gohan can be seen saying, "we’re in deep." trouble." Later in the clip, he tells Goku and Vegeta that he will defeat his enemies.

As mentioned earlier, Picollo is already out.


This made Gohan angry and he is expected to take revenge on his partner's defeat. ComicBook earlier reported that a new synopsis says that Gohan might taste defeat in this fight. This is surely a huge revelation regarding Gohan's future in the tournament but in the end, this is just a rumor. It is worth noting that in this fight, he will also get support from Goku too.

The upcoming episodes

Episode 121 is scheduled to release on December 24. The episode will continue the fight between Universe 3 and Universe 7. It will be the final episode of "Dragon Ball Super." The makers are not airing the December 31 episode.

Episode 122 will be called "Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!" and air on January 7, 2018.


The episode will feature fight between Jiren and Vegeta. It is worth mentioning that currently "Dragon Ball FighterZ" roster is going on and Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit might be selected in it.