"Dragon Ball Super" is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that began airing on July 5, 2015, on Fuji TV. It is the first "Dragon Ball" television series featuring a new storyline in 18 years. The upcoming episode of the show is one of the most anticipated of 2017. Episode 119 will be full of twists and turns. The episode will air on December 9 and will feature some fierce fights between universe 4 and Universe 7.

What rumors suggest regarding Episode 119

If rumors are to be believed, the mystery regarding the two missing fighters of Universe 4 will be finally unveiled in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 119.

Universe 4 had recently tasted defeat in the tournament. Rumors further suggest that in the upcoming episode called "A New Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!," the Tournament of Power will be in the final phase after the elimination of Universe 6.


Synopsis for Episode 19 indicates that Universe 4 might attack heroes of Universe 7. According to Hidden Remote, “An invisible enemy!” Universe 4’s surprise attack! With the annihilation of Universe 6.

What happened in Episode 18

Episode 18 of the show has begun with a recap of last week. Ribrianne and Rozie evicted from the Tournament of Power by the of Universe 2. On the other hand, Gohan and Piccolo fought with the Namekians of Universe 6. It was an intense fight between both the teams. Fighters have tried there every move. It is certainly a sad new for the Ribrianne and Rozie. Overall, the said episode was full of thrills.

More regarding the upcoming episode

According to speculations, the two missing fighters from Universe 4 [VIDEO] might be invisible. This might lead to the vanquishing of one of the remaining fighter from Universe 7.


Still, there is nothing confirmed regarding who will eliminate from Universe 7.But one can say that Freeza, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, are in danger.

Goku might also be eliminated from the Tournament of Power as he has lost a lot of energy during his recent fights. Currently, "Dragon Ball Super" [VIDEO] episodes are airing on Crunchyroll. English translation of every episode is being aired by Adult Swim every Saturday. There are a lot of things yet to confirm, but an upcoming episode will decide the fate of many characters. Fans have to wait a bit more for the Episode 119 while the rumors regarding Episode 120 already started floating out. stay tuned for more news and updates on "Dragon Ball Super."