"Dragon Ball Super" is dubbed as one of the most famous anime TV series in the world. Toei Animation produces the Japanese anime show. Storywise, the series retells the events of the last two "Dragon Ball Z" films. "Dragon Ball Super" has received positive reviews so far from the critics and the fans.The is now coming up with the episode 119, which might be the most anticipated episodes of this year. It is named as "Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!"

Currently, in the show, Tournament of Power is going on, which is entering its final stage with each passing episode.

It is also a high time for the fans to know who will be the winner. Episode 119 will air tonight while rumors regarding the upcoming episodes are starting floating. Fans are also suggesting their own theories regarding the fate of the characters.


If rumors are to be believed, names of Episode 120, 121 and 122 have been leaked recently. So far, showrunners have not said anything regarding the leaked titles. We advise fans to wait for the official confirmation.

The rumored titles of the upcoming episodes

According to speculations, Episode 120 might be titled as "The Murderous Menace of Universe 3." In the mentioned episode, Universe 3 expected to face some difficulties. A recent synopsis of the same episode became live on Animedia’s latest issue. And it suggests that Universe 3 [VIDEO] will lose one of their warriors, reports ComicBook.

Episode 121 is named as "The Fusion of Universe 4 vs. Universe 7." Viewers will witness some shocking twists and turns in the said episode. At the same time, the fusion of the fighters will be the main highlights of Episode 121.


Episode 122 is dubbed as "Vegeta's Hardest Challenge," as per the rumors. In this part of the "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]," Prince Vegeta might battle with Jiren. Vegeta is desperate to fight with Jiren because earlier Toppo interrupted him while fighting Jiren. In Episode 118, Vegeta faces off against Katopesla and warns him that he is in a bad mood.

Episode 119 revealed

According to reports, "Dragon Ball Super" fans might see Quitela’s gang eliminated in Episode 119. Furthermore, a newly released synopsis indicates that Gohan and Vegeta are under attack Universe 3, which is dubbed as an invisible force. It is worth noting that Universe 2 and Universe 6 already annihilated from the Tournament of Power in Episode 118. Fans have to wait for a bit more for all the mentioned rumors confirmation.