According to ComicBook, Weekly Shonen Jump synopsis reported that "a synopsis confirmed Champa and his team will be biting it soon enough" in Episode 119 of "Dragon Ball Super." Rumors suggest a surprise attack by an invisible army. The annihilation of universe 5 is expected in the next episode. Notably, the "Tournament of Power" will enter its final stage and, if reports are to be believed, Universe 4 will launch the surprise attack on Universe 7. Interesting information, but how will Goku and his team survive this attack?

Universe 6 elimination

The elimination of Universe 6 is looking inevitable and Champa will advance further.

It is surely a disappointing result for the fans as Universe 6 has lots of fan-favorite heroes. Fans can still hope that their heroes will return later. The latest teaser also indicates that Universe 6 will be the next on the erasure list.


Goku will eliminate Kefla so only the Namekians’ Pirina and Saonel will be left. The leaked picture shows Goku standing in the fighting arena, surrounded by the warriors.

Everything regarding Episode 118

Although the speculations regarding Episode 119 have started circulating, Episode 118 has not been released. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 118 will air on December 3. The upcoming episode is one of the most-anticipated episodes of 2017. Speculations are flying around social media about the upcoming episode and the fight Namekians and Z-fighters. According to ComicBook, Weekly Shonen Jump has already unveiled the synopsis of the upcoming episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 118 will showcase the battle between Saonel, Pirina, Piccolo, and Gohan. Z-fighters (Piccolo and Gohan) have given indications that they have no issue with teaming up for the fight.


The move by the duo is not surprising at all as it was expected from both. The duo has great chemistry and it will surely help them to defeat Saonel and Pirina.

There are also rumors that Universe 6 Namekians might beat Z-fighters, which means the end for Piccolo and Gohan. It is worth noting that Saonel and Pirina are known as two of the best fighters [VIDEO]and the only remaining members of their team. It will be interesting to see who turns out to be the winner. One thing is quite certain, that fans will see a top-notch clash between Universe 6 Namekians and Z-fighters. For confirmation, fans have to wait a bit more. Stay tuned for more news, rumors, and updates on "Dragon Ball Super."