"Dragon Ball Super" is one of the most favorites anime [VIDEO] shows of all time. Show's every episode comes with unexpected plots. The upcoming episode, Episode 119 is one of the moments in the show everyone is waiting for. According to speculations, the mystery behind the two missing warriors of the universe will is expected to be unveiled in the mentioned episode. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 119 is named as "Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!"

Everything you need to know

Fans have seen in the previous episode that Universe 4 has been defeated in the Tournament of Power.

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Rumors floating on social media indicates that Universe 4 surprisingly attack on Universe 7. The mentioned battle is likely to be in its Final stage after the annihilation of Universe 6.

There is nothing more confirmed regarding the upcoming episode, but Gohan, Freeza, Piccolo, Vegeta are reported to be in trouble. It is also certain that one question which might be making the fans worry is Goku's survival in the Tournament of Power. Fans are also curious to know what will happen after the end of the tournament. The show makers recently revealed the names of Episode 120, Episode 121 and Episode 122 [VIDEO] as rumors of the same are also started floating.

According to reports, "Dragon Ball Super's" volume 3 might not be released until mid-2018. Fans can find the listing of the third volume on Amazon already. The readers can pre-order the trade, but still, there is no confirmation regarding its release date. On the other hand, speculations indicate that the paperback might be drop on July 3, 2018.

Secret revealed

Recently, one of the biggest secrets of the show has been unveiled. According to Comic Book, in an Interview, Akira Toriyama revealed the history of first Super Saiyan God. Akira said a man named Yamoshi4 was the first Super Saiyan.

Episode 18 was an action-packed episode of Universe 2 and Universe 6 annihilated from the tournament. According to IGN, The Namekian battle between Universe 6 and 7 was a great homage to past Dragon Ball events. In the said episode, Vegeta faces off against Katopesla, warning him that he's in a bad mood. Adult Swim is currently airing the English translation of the episodes in the US, which airs on Saturday. The "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 119 will air on December 9. To know more about the fate of their beloved characters fans have to wait bit more. For more information on entertainment, stay tuned.