Chapter 118 of "Dragon Ball Super" has been released and was one of the most emotional chapters we have seen in this saga. In this episode, we see how Universe 2 and 6 are eliminated from the Tournament of Power and then erased by Zeno, the King of Everything. The elimination of Universe 6 and Universe 2 were exciting events that also made fans of the series cry worldwide. Now we will discuss the errors and curiosities of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 118.


The episode was centered on the battles between Universe 7 and Universes 2 and 6. Gohan and Picollo faced Pilina and Saonel, while Goku and Android 17 and 18 faced the last three warriors of Universe 2, Zarbuto, Rabanra, and Zirloin.



  • One of the first curiosities we were shown was with the three remaining warriors of Universe 2 as they used the transformations of Ribrianne and her companions. Everything indicates that this transformation is not exclusive to the 3 goddesses of Universe 2 and that with the power of love, any individual can adopt this form.
  • Continuing with the power of love, said power works in a similar way to how the Genkidama works. The Universe 2 fighters can obtain energy shared by the inhabitants of their Universe, giving them enough power to develop an incredibly powerful attack.
  • After many years we were able to see a Kamehameha between father and son with Son Goku and Son Gohan once again. However, to this father-son Kamehameha, Piccolo also added his special technique, the "Makankosapo." Still, we classify this as a family attack, since Piccolo is part of the family.
  • Unlike the elimination of Universe 9 and 10, the elimination of universes 2 and 6 took a little longer, allowing them enough time to say goodbye. Of course, this is a continuity error that few noticed but is a small error nonetheless.
  • At the end of the episode, Whis mentions that it will be hard for Goku to break through his shell again to use the Ultra Instinct since he is used to being at his limit, which distances the possibility of breaking the limit once again and mastering Ultra Instinct. We believe that this is a play by the writers in order to lengthen the saga.

There is no doubt that episode 118 had many interesting curiosities and has been the saddest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" to date.


The farewell between Beerus and Champa puzzled the fans, as they expected a more emotional reaction instead of Beerus being stoic.

For the moment this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.