Episode 121 of "Dragon Ball Super" will release this weekend. It is named as “All-out war! Ultimate 4-way union vs. the entire Universe 7!!” The name of the episode gives a glimpse of what viewers should expect from the show. In other words, it will decide the future of many notable characters, and eventually, the latest series of leaks might have revealed it.

The shocking elimination

The December 23 episode [VIDEO] is rumored to be the last one for Universe 7's Android 18.

The warrior is expected to be eliminated from the tournament of Power. To those who don't know, the tournament is in its finale, and the annihilation of one of the strongest warrior is a major setback for U7.


The warrior has been a great contributor so far in U7's success in the tournament. Even in the previous episode ("The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassin!!"), he has eliminated Viara alongside with the help of Android 17 [VIDEO].

The elimination news of the warrior is based on the photo, which is recently leaked online. According to Otakukart, Android 18 is missing from the picture, and this led to the speculation regarding his end in the Tournament Of Power. The winner of this battle will fight against Universe11 in episode 122.

The makers have released the trailer for the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super." One can see that both Universe are ready to give each other a run for their money. Universe 7 has fighters like Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta while U3 has robotic warriors alongside with Paparoni, who is leading his team.


Notably, the battle between both the teams has been begun in the December 16 episode, where U7 looked dominant.

Universe 3 will be on the edge

There are still few days left in the release of episode 121 while fans are making their own theories. But, there are reports which suggest that U7 will defeat U3 in the upcoming episode. The fans will witness the fusion of four robotic fighters from the Universe 3. The merger will make an ultimate warrior called as Aniraza.

On the other hand, Universe 7 will heavily depend on Gohan and Goku. Also, speculations further suggest that Vegeta might reveal his new power in this episode. One thing is clear with all these rumors and theories that episode 121 will not disappoint fans when it comes to action. In the end, these are just rumors and to know what exactly will happen we have to wait for the episode itself. Meanwhile, episode 112 is set to come out on January 7.