Toyotaro recently revealed a sketch of two new angels that will be introduced in the manga of the "Dragon Ball" franchise. Now he has revealed the sketch of three new Kaioshin. Although, he has said very modestly that he does not know when they will be introduced in the series.

This fact left fans of the manga very animated. He also stated that he does not even know if they will be introduced in the manga, but if they are received well by the fandom, they will surely appear.


It is very common for the creators to release information to test the public's reaction, but if it is "Dragon Ball" it will likely be successful.


Everything the creators do is revered by the fans, even "Dragon Ball GT" was successful among younger audiences, ages 6 to 11 to be specific. That is, if it is not successful with older generations, specifically those born in the 80's, then it could be a success with younger generations.

The fact is that the series has been accumulating a massive following of passionate fans who will watch any series created by Akira Toriyama. Fans range from 6 to 40 years old or more and are as committed to the series today as they were in their youth. This is largely because of feelings of nostalgia and euphoria that are generated when new content is created.

Other characters

Recently, with the intention of introducing new angels in the manga, fans have already begun to speculate about the possible creation of a series dedicated to these characters in order to explore their origin and purpose. This has been the result of the incredible popularity of Whis, who trained Goku and Vegeta for the Tournament of Power. As many of you may already know, this training ended up culminating in Goku ascending to the form of Ultra Instinct in his epic battle against the mighty Jiren.


Now, fans want the series to expand on the history and origin of the Kaioshin. Even though Goku is the protagonist of the series, the Kaioshin are the creators of all life in the 12 Universes and could provide an endless supply of intriguing stories. The emergence of new characters may also indicate that the series will continue, both in the manga and in the anime.

With the end of the Tournament of Power confirmed for February or March of 2018, viewers are afraid that the series will not continue after its conclusion.

Akira Toriyama, along with producer Toei, have already reported that as long as the series continues to generate revenue, they will continue to produce it. In addition, the game "Dragonball Fighter Z" is scheduled to launch at the end of January, and will be the first "Dragon Ball" game of its kind.