If you remember the horrible 2009 Hollywood adaptation of "Dragon Ball" called "Dragon Ball Evolution," it seems that it will now become part of Disney [VIDEO]’s roster of new material gathered under the recently concluded Fox acquisition. 20Th Century Fox holds the distribution rights of the very first live adaptation of the widely-popular Japanese manga.

The Disney-Fox deal

Under the deal, Disney acquired all of Fox’s TV and film assets, in addition to their 30% stake in Hulu. Moreover, Disney will get every active and backlogged film title, including “X-Men," “Fantastic Four," “Deadpool” and, believe it or not – “Dragon Ball Evolution."

While fans all over the world are celebrating the homecoming of their beloved Marvel characters from 20th Century Fox, “Dragon Ball” fans are worried about another potential Hollywood remake disaster.

While the first incarnation disappointed many moviegoers, hopes of another shot did not actually die during "Dragon Ball Evolution’s" stay at Fox. Disney could still make its magic work to resurrect the long-dead live-action plans, however, the recent connection of the franchise to the company suggests that the rights are good for an extended period of time.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of "Dragon Ball [VIDEO]," did not give any details about his deal with Fox, but it seems as though the live-action production rights will remain in Hollywood.

'Family Guy' meets Mickey Mouse

Another Fox property that will go to Disney is the comedy show "Family Guy." Just like the "Dragon Ball" live-action film, "Family Guy" may be facing a serious image overhaul now that the show belongs to a media company that consistently projects wholesome family values.

Now that the deal is done, Stewie might find himself among the pleasant company of Disney princesses and other anthropomorphic creatures.

While most devoted fans of mature shows like the "Family Guy" are worried about potential changes to the newly-acquired program, Martin Kaplan, who worked with Disney for 12 years, offers a different opinion about it. According to him, the issue is comparable to what happens in a grocery store – if you have more products, the consumers will have more choices. He also added that Disney will welcome the ability to produce films and programs for different kinds of viewers.

Once Disney has smoothened out its newly-purchased properties, we might be seeing R-rated films from them soon -- or not.