The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” capped off with an unexpected conclusion for not just one, but two teams. As predicted, two universes were annihilated at the same time. With two teams out of the Tournament of Power, another one takes this opportunity to ambush Team Universe 7 and corner them in an unexpected disadvantage.

Universe 6 and Universe 2 [VIDEO] said their goodbyes inDragon Ball Super” episode 118. The two teams accepted their defeat and assured everyone they were content because they did their best in the Tournament of Power.

The two teams were huge threats to the other teams with their female warriors, Ribrianne and Kefla (Kale and Caulifla) even giving the strongest fighters a hard time.

Universe 4 unveils its trump card, Universe 7 loses a warrior?

Official updates from Weekly Shounen Jump have revealed spoilers on “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 119, and it seems like another team will be making their move against Beerus’s team.


Shortly after the annihilation of Champa and Heles’s universes, Quitela orders his remaining warriors to launch the first attack.

Universe 4 will finally introduce its ninth and 10th warriors, who have been hiding thanks to their special abilities. Twin warriors Gamisaras and Damom will finally take the spotlight and ambush Android 17, Android 18 [VIDEO], Piccolo, and Son Gohan. As revealed in the preview of the next episode, these four warriors will be having a hard time against the two insect cicada fighters because of their troublesome abilities.

The anime has yet to reveal the rest of Damom and Gamisaras’s abilities, but it is already certain that they both possess the ability to become invisible. Thanks to their invisibility technique, they can easily dodge an attack and vanish. Damom has the ability to shed his body like a real insect, and it’s most likely that Gamisara also has this ability.


To make matters worse, the official updates also hinted that Universe 7 will most likely take a huge blow from fighting these critters. The spoilers revealed that someone from Son Goku’s team will be making a sacrifice, and most likely be kicked out from the Tournament of Power to put a stop to the invisible enemy's attacks.

Another worrisome fighter from Universe 4 appears

Quitela is known for being cunning, and there’s a reason why he chose certain fighters to represent their universe. Aside from the invisible twin warriors, the other teams will have to watch out for Shantsa. He was introduced in “Dragon Ball Super” as a small three-horned blue warrior.

Shantsa’s full abilities have yet to be revealed but it’s already out that in the open that he has the ability to create clones of the eliminated fighters. His transformation is hinted to be a form of illusion that makes his opponents hallucinate. This poses a problem because it’s also possible that his illusions can also copy techniques. If he is able to, then he can make clones of the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power like Kefla and Ribrianne to take out the other teams.