Ever since his introduction in the ''Dragon Ball'' franchise, Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, has served as the primary rival for the main character Goku. Whenever the Z warrior would attain greater power, Vegeta would catch up. If Goku achieved a new transformation so would the Prince through his hard work and determination. It is worth mentioning that on a couple of occasions the Prince of the Saiyans race even surpassed the powerful and beloved Z warrior. However, now in ''Dragon Ball Supe [VIDEO]r'' the gap between them has greatly increased as Goku pushed past Vegeta with his Kaio-ken technique and now firmly stands ahead for him with the Ultra Instinct.

However, as we’ve been told, the Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] is not a power which only Goku can achieve, and even now Vegeta is seeking to attain this ability and form. So, this raises the question: will Vegeta surpass Goku in the Tournament of Power? Let’s see.

Will Vegeta surpass Goku in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power?

Goku is one of the greatest warriors in all of ''Dragon Ball'' and the most beloved by fans. We have seen Vegeta a few times in the series obviously surpass the Z warrior, arguably he did it when we first saw the Saiyan Prince use Super Saiyan. Even in ''Dragon Ball Super,'' or the Trunks arc, there was a point where Vegeta was actually quite a bit stronger than Goku and the regular Super Saiyan Blue forms. Up until Goku overpowered Zamasu with his Kamehameha, which was greater than Vegeta and Trunks combined, it was just amazing.

For most of Vegeta fans, Toriyama dislikes the Saiyan Prince so much not even his Universe 6 counterpart Cabba has had his moment. Well, we don't know what the Manga has in store. Remember, Akira works more on the Manga than the anime. Anime is just Toei fan service. In the manga, Vegeta and Goku are equals while Whis told Vegeta of Ultra Instinct or at least the theory of it.

Should Vegeta win the Tournament?

For many, Vegeta should stay at max, equal to Goku in the Tournament of Power. While Goku gets his UI where he is controlled and strong, Vegeta gets a rage transformation which is just as strong, but it's based on rage. It is worth remembering that Mr. Popo trained Goku to react without thinking and Kid Goku mastered it. At first, Gokus reactions were too slow because he was thinking about his moves too much. The whole point of Popo's training was to help Goku master his ability to react without thinking. Goku had this ability since he was a child.